MAD Diva Concierge


Here at MAD Diva Concierge we also provide MAD Diva Meals, MAD Diva Mixology Bartending Services. We have had the pleasure of even catering and pouring drinks for a lot of your favorite celebrities.

We can provide small bites, full course meals, dessert and candy table buffets, slider bars, nacho taco bars and we can create customized menus according to your specific requests from any ethnic background. We make sure we provide only the best chefs and culinary artist for our clients.

Our bartending services are not your typical cranberry and vodka or tequila and pineapple. We can provide over 25 different flavors when it comes to your drink flavors, mixers and more. We are always trying to set ourselves aside from the rest and RAISE THE BAR! We can do margarita bars, mojito bars, mimosa bars, martini bars, lemonade bars, ice cream float bars, frozen drinks, full non-alcoholic and kiddie bars. We promise to give you and your guests and experience to remember!