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About Us

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M.A.D Diva Concierge is a full-service concierge! We are beauty, business, event, hospitality and personal concierge for all your needs and request rather it may be on a personal basis, and we are even concierge to various businesses.Our glam squad provides full beauty & grooming services by licensed barbers, cosmetologist and nail technicians, we have licensed massage therapist and we even can provide photography and videography services.

We are your once stop shop and go to source for whatever it may be! So, whenever you feel like you have too much on your plate, contact M.A.D. Diva Concierge and will eat away at that full plate of things to get done.

A Team That Promises and Delivers

We go above & beyond for each & every client & we guarantee to promise & deliver. We are always watching our competitors & contemplating ways to stand& out & separate ourselves from the rest. We are always thinking of unique & creative cocktails & catering menu items so that not only you remember us in your mind & heart but also when it comes to your taste buds because its just something about delicious foods & a nice refreshing cocktail!

We make sure that our staff is always assertive & professional & a smile is a mandatory part of our uniform & attire! We always respect our clients confidentiality when it comes to providing products & services. This is BIG to us! We also ensure that our entire staff & team is always licensed or certified in their specific industries & fields.

An Overview of our Services

  • Personal assistance & running errands
  • Event service & hospitality staff
  • Health and Fitness Trainers, glam squad and camera/videographer crew
  • Event coordinators, hosting, media and red carpet coverage
  • Document preparations, Legal assistance and credit repair assistance
  • Branding, Marketing & Promotions
  • Venue Assistance, extended stays & and vacation planning
  • Exotic car rentals, & vacation properties
  • Event Tickets & More